International University of Japan 2022 IUJ Scholarship Guidelines: Master’s Programs

Non-Japanese IUJ applicants who do not have sufficient funds to attend IUJ can apply for the scholarship(s) listed below at the time of submitting their application to an IUJ academic degree program. Please read this guide carefully and apply for the scholarship(s) appropriate for you. Most require recipients to be on a Japan Student Visa, which IUJ will help you obtain.

Scholarship information is subject to change.
The Scholarship Application form is available as the second part of the online admission application system: complete the main application process to the IUJ degree program that is best matched to your future career goals, then if applicable, continue to part two for scholarship considerations. ( Please
respond to all questions inputting your answers directly into the online form. The Admissions Committee will then consider you for an award either directly from IUJ or by nominating you to a scholarship providing partner as indicated below.

I. List of Available Scholarships through IUJ and Other Institutions p. 1
o Category A: IUJ Direct Award Scholarships announced along with IUJ Admissions Decisions
o Category B: IUJ Nominated Scholarships after Successful IUJ Admissions Screening
o Category C: Direct Scholarship Application to Other Institution
II. How to Apply for Scholarships p. 3
III. Eligibility and Conditions of Scholarship (A detailed description of each scholarship) p. 4
IV. Scholarships Possible After Starting Classes at IUJ p. 8
o IUJ Facilitated
o Links to other possible support through IUJ
o Links to outside resources for further scholarship leads

Click here to download application guideline

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