Fully Funded Khalifa University International Scholarships in UAE

Scholarship Overview

Khalifa University International Scholarships Program offers a Fully Funded International Scholarship 2022 at Arab Top University. Khalifa University Scholarships 2022 applications are open now for UAE Students and International Students from all over the world. KU University Scholarships Program’s aim is to support both domestic and international students undertaking Masters and Ph.D. Degree program.

Scholarship Benefits

Benefits Of Khalifa University International Scholarship

Khalifa University Medical Scholarship For UAE Nationals:

  1. Full Tuition Cover
  2. Free accommodation will be offer
  3. Monthly stipend of AED 27,000.
  4. Also, provide students with textbooks
  5. Students also get additional allowances

Khalifa University Scholarship For International Students:

  1. Full Tuition Cover
  2. Free accommodation will be offer
  3. Also, provide students with textbooks
  4. Students also get additional allowances

KU Master Research Teaching Scholarship (MRTS) For International Students:

  1. Full Tuition Cover
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Airfare Allowance – Flights to and from UAE
  4. Provides support for international conferences

Combined Master/Doctoral Research Training Scholarships (CMDRTS):

  1. A monthly allowance for MSc is AED 8,000
  2. A monthly allowance for Ph.D. is AED 12,000
  3. Full Tuition Cover
  4. Health insurance provided
  5. Provides Support for international conferences
  6. Provide flight assistance to International students.
  7. Free university accommodation

China Scholarship Council – Khalifa University Joint Ph.D. Scholarship:

  1. A monthly allowance is provided both from Khalifa University and CSC.
  2. Khalifa University provides a monthly allowance of AED 5,500.
  3. Flight tickets are also provided by CSC.
  4. Covers fees and all research-associated fees.
  5. Provides Free University accommodation.
  6. Free textbooks are provided.
  7. Covers all Visa processing costs.
  8. UAE health insurance is also provided.

Doctoral Research Training Scholarships For International Students:

  1. A monthly allowance for doctoral research training is AED 12,000.
  2. Covers Full university tuition.
  3. Medical health insurance is provided.
  4. The scholarship also provides Support to join international conferences.
  5. Provides flight assistance to international applicants.
  6. Free university accommodation

Buhooth Scholarship For UAE Nationals:

  1.  A monthly stipend
    1.  UAE-based Buhooth – AED 30,000 for single,
    2.  Allowance of AED 33, 000 for married during MSC,
    3.  For Doctoral Stipend of AED 36,000 for single, / AED 39, 000 for married.
  2.     Full Tuition Fee is cover.
  3.     Support to join international research conferences.
  4.     Excellent opportunity to visit international research centers around the globe.

Scholarship Eligibility

Candidates must check the eligibility criteria for the choice of their program as details are given below.

  1. All International and UAE students can apply to Khalifa University International Scholarship program.
  2. For Master Degree Program, students should have a 4-year bachelor degree program or equivalent with a CGPA of a Minimum of 3.0.
  3. For Ph.D. Degree Program, students should have a Master’s Degree or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 3.25.
  4. Students must be proficient in the English Language.
  5. Students must provide IELTS, TOFEL EmSAT English Certificate.
  6. Students must provide a Statement of Purpose.
  7. Students must also provide with a research statement
  8. Two Recommendation letters
  9. Students must also pass interviews taken for admission
  • Masters Studies Eligibility Criteria: HERE
  • Medical Studies Eligibility Criteria: HERE
  • Ph.D. Studies Eligibility Criteria: HERE


How to Apply for Khalifa University Scholarship?

Students have to Apply Online for the Khalifa University Scholarship by the following procedure given below:

  1.     The applicant needs to apply online for admission and scholarship – Apply Online – HERE
  2.     After registration, the applicant will receive an email notification confirming the Sign-up.
  3.     The next step is to login in admission Portal, applicant needs to complete the application form by providing all the required details like personal information, e.g., his / her name, postal address, date of birth, country, religion, etc.
  4.     The applicant also needs to provide data of his/her current affiliation, e.g., academic or professional experiences.
  5.     The next step is to Upload your photographs and all scanned copies of documents in a required format.
  6.     The applicant needs to Complete his/her application carefully and submit it.
  7.     International Applicants outside UAE must apply in the first round of admissions; otherwise, the faculty will decide on a merit basis for the second round.
  8.     The rejected applicants of first-round are not eligible to apply for the admissions in second round.

Documents Required For Apply:

Please check the documents list for the required documents for apply:

  1. Passport
  2. Passport Size Photograph
  3. Academic Degree
  4. Academic Transcripts
  5. English Proficiency Certificate
  6. Education Equivalency Certificate for International students outside of UAE.
  7. GRE Score Result
  8. SOP
  9. Research Statement
  10. CV or Resume 

Apply On University Site

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